How to Convince an Interviewer You Will Add Value to the Company


How to Convince an Interviewer You Will Add Value to the Company

An interview is a purposeful one on one conversation between two parties with different aspirations. A job interview demands that the interviewer becomes the recruiter and the interviewee becomes the subject party of the interview. It is, therefore, the interviewee’s opportunity to convince the interviewer on why he or she should be hired. A company’s success or growth directly depends on the employees, and therefore interviews are very important as they spearhead the hiring process. It is at this phase that we see an interviewee face an interviewing panel to convince them on how he or she will add value to the company.

Impression. Based on little evidence and knowledge to the interviewer about who you are, first impressions will give the interviewer judgmental views on who you are in relations to what the company requires from you. This, however, requires prior research on the company. Other than the looks, an impressive resume should be your qualifying factor in the whole interviewing process as this will dictate how you are handled.

Courage. This is a crucial factor as it qualifies your ability in the interviewing phase. It should, therefore, come out in the way you answer the questions as you relate them with the company’s goals merged up with what your education, skills, and competencies depict of you.

Point out your accomplishments passionately. Previous successful tasks you are proud to associate with in your employment history should pop up at this point. Go to specifics and even talk of the awards you got in your line of duty, the achievements you made, how you used your skills and competencies to maneuver in your line of duty and even how you solved significant challenges in your line of duty. All this will only make sense to the interviewer if you link the accomplishments with the company’s goals mission, vision, and job requirements.

Referencing. After talking about the many accomplishments you had, it is only logical you convince the employer with recommendation letters as a confirmation to your accomplishments. Usually, this could come in at the time you are giving in your certifications.

It is, therefore, an interviewee’s initiative to adequately prepare for the interview by making sure there is the familiarity of the position applied for, company and job description details and finally knowing yourself. You will only be hired if you can add value to the company.


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