How to Create a Good First Impression for Job Interviews


How to Create a Good First Impression for Job Interviews.

The first impression at any given point determines who you are and it is usually the first few seconds you meet anybody, how you react and behave within those few seconds. Making the proper first impression within that quickest moment is essential as it leaves a good memory to the person or people you meet. The wrong impression also leaves memories to the people you meet, unfortunately, a bad memory about you. Here are a few tips on a good first impression;

1. Smile

A smile is one of facial expression that shows a good first impression and leaves a perfect memorable appearance on somebody. A simple smile is a sign of friendship and relieves stress and people around you feel comfortable too.

2. The handshake

The right handshake is known to be a sign of being polite and shows you have confidence in what you are doing. It also shows you agree since it is an art and a simple of unity.

3. The introduction

The introduction comes immediately after the smile and probably the handshake, and is typically done by speaking simple words like “pleasure meeting” and mentioning your name.

4. Talk clearly with eloquence

When you have useful information to pass on, you need to be clear and eloquent to catch the attention of the people around you. Clarity and eloquence should not be mistaken with loudness. You can be bright and articulate with your information without shouting.

5. The body language

When you use a good body language in a crowd like smiling, it is believed that it is contagious because of a neuron in the brain that responds to expressions which in turn causes you to react the same way by smiling or according to any facial expression. The research has further concluded that when you have similar emotions, you gain trust, connectivity as well as understanding.

6. Eye contact

When you make eye contact with someone especially when you look him/her in the eye shows a lot of confidence and that you are interested in what they are passing across. In some countries, eye contact shows you respect them unlike looking away which is believed to be a sign of lack of interest.

All the above tips should be done with caution a lot of consideration. When you overdo, it means a different agenda. Therefore, it should not be continuous but with some breaks.


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