How to Dress up Well for a Job Interview


How to Dress up Well for a Job Interview

Before saying a word, you have made an impression based on how you are dressed. Different companies have different dress codes. No one will take you seriously when you look sloppy. The interviewer judge you based on your dress code

Dressing for an interview

Follow the company attire guide. Research on the company’s dress code. You can visit the company before the interview and see how the employees’ dress. Better still dress like the boss. This shows that you are confident and you know more about the job

Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident .this raises your self-esteem and self-awareness. Proper dress code makes you feel good about yourself and hence making present yourself betterChoose clothes that accommodate the weather or season. Wear warm clothes when it is cold and dress lightly when it is hot.

Dress in a professionally appropriate way that will go with the position that you are applying. Avoid wearing casually. It is important to look professional, so your employers can see you fitting in with the people in their company when you show up dressed casually. Dressing formally also makes the interviewer take you seriously.

You should be very comfortable and wear clothes that fit you perfectly so that you look good and that you act your best. Very tight clothes or oversized clothes make you look bad, and you make a terrible presentation. Men should wear well-fitting trousers and long-sleeved shirts. Women should avoid wearing revealing clothes. The clothes should not be torn or creased.

Clothing should be neat clean and pressed. Shoes should be clean and well-polished.  You should carry a bag or briefcase where you have your documents.

Shower or bathe before the interview.  Put on cologne and do not put on perfume or aftershave that has a smell that is overpowering or that can bring an allergic reaction. Make sure you brush your teeth to have a fresh breath and avoid chewing of gums .your hair should be neat and conservative. For women avoid excessive accessories or makeup. You should be as simple as possible

Avoid loud colors and flashy ties. Go for bold colors such as navy-blue black grey or black.

How you dress tells the interviewer a lot about you without you saying anything. Hence it is vital for one to dress appropriately. Proper dress code increases your chances of getting the job.

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