How to Effectively Sell Yourself on Your CV

There is sweeping generalization that CV should include only information concerning your work experience. However, it is not completely true. If you are able to share stories about your hobbies, volunteering or even strong life position in the CV, it will also attract attention. What will help employers to make a choice in your favor? What is better not to mention in the CV while talking about your achievements? We’ll try to figure out.

Many job seekers underestimate the strength of the CV. Of course, they describe some work experience and education, mention the marital status, and so on. But few people pay attention to the personal statement though they have to do it.

Achievements out of work

If you write in the block with additional information that you are interested in running, taking part in two marathons or getting gold in swimming competitions you are likely to cause interest. Actually, you will demonstrate such qualities as perseverance, endurance, ability to achieve such goals. A story through examples is the best you can do. Indeed, the fact of running marathon sounds more convincing than just “I can reach the goal and never give up.”

Preferences and tastes

It would be nice to write what you like to read (if it’s true, of course), but not just in general, but to specify which genre or author you prefer, whether you participate in book clubs, and so on. It will tell HR-manager about your wide horizons, the desire to learn, love for good literature.

Or, for example, you admire art or music. Sounds impressive. Especially if you yourself play or know the subtleties of performance. It will tell you about the diversity of your interests. And this is definitely better than “I have a lot of hobbies”.


You can think of your principles a little bit. For example, say that you want to work in a friendly team, where everyone respects each other. This is better than “sociability” and “sociability”. Or you can write that you always bring the matter to the end, not relying on half-result. And this is more interesting than “hard-working”. Keep in mind that we do not say that communicability or stress is bad. But at the moment, these words are used so often and not always appropriate, which is better to avoid them if you want your resume to be different from hundreds of others.

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