How to Eliminate Anxiety and Nervousness Before a Job Interview


How to Eliminate Anxiety and Nervousness Before a Job Interview

Everyone has anxiety feelings before heading for an interview, and many things contribute to us being nervous before that particular day. This anxiety can be caused by worrying what to wear during that day, the type of questions you might encounter and how to answer them and even worries to if you are not selected for the next stage or job. This is normal with every one of us, and it is because we desire to perform better at the interview, but how do you deal with this anxiety? Here are a few ways that you can consider applying before or during the interview process;

1. Observe your food intake before the interview

Certain drinks are just unacceptable before a meeting. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided entirely even though you assume it will make your mind relaxed and take away anxiety, and it will not make you be the real you. Take light meals so that you don’t experience stomach upsets during the whole interview process.

2. Prepare yourself well

Early preparation is vital as it will help you control what you can control and leave the rest for the interviewer. You can’t be exact with what all the interview process is going to be about, but some research about the company and the job description is essential. Other essential interview skills that need preparation is the first impression, practice how to smile, the handshake and how you express yourself before the interviewer.

3. Breathe control

Breathe control will help you ease anxiety and the best way of doing it is by breathing in, then holding the breath for a count of 2 and then finally breathing out for a count of 4 again for a span of one or two minutes.

4. Avoid focusing on yourself

Get outside of yourself and put the focus on people around, when you focus on yourself too much you create anxiety in yourself. You can do this by speaking to other people by greeting them and starting up a conversation.

5. Call a friend

An uplifting and encouraging friend will positively help you to ease anxiety by just speaking to you and encouraging you.

6. Have a walk

After doing practices and rehearsing, it is good if you take a break for a walk and enjoy the fresh air outside to ease pressure from your mind in preparation for the very day.

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