How to Get Your Dream Job

Job searching can be a rather tiresome, complicated, time-consuming and energy-intensive process. Therefore, before plunging into these searches, take some time and think about what you are looking for. We have prepared a list of questions you should put forward before accepting job interview invitation.

What Do I Want from My New Career? A large salary is always going to be very attractive, but we would advise not to only think of the money. Of course, we all go to work to earn a living, but there is more to a job than just the salary. Therefore, the first thing to decide is what kind of job you want to find. Do you want to continue to work in the same area in which you worked before? Or are you ready for a change and want to try yourself in another profession? You’ve also got to be mindful of job satisfaction, how are you going to make a difference in your role, and how are you going to add value to the business? It’s also very important to remember that you spent most of your day at work, so it’s important to think about forming strong professional and maybe even personal friendships that can even last a lifetime.

How Can I Find My Dream Job? Finding your dream job is really quite simply. It’s important to understand what skills and abilities you possess. Then when you are aware of this, try your very best to research the companies that you are passionate about and then identify what are the roles on offer that best suit your personality, skills and abilities. Also, remember that you’re not perfect, so there will always be moments where you can grow and develop, so find out if there are development programs, training and mentorship opportunities within the company.

What Disappointed Me in My Previous Employment? What did you dislike about the previous company / position / team? What did you like? Determining the disadvantages and advantages of the last job you will be easier to understand what you want from the future.

Clearly Define and Understand the Conditions Feel Comfortable to Work In? In a large corporation, do you feel like a fish in deep water, but do you feel uncomfortable in a small company, or is it just the opposite? Do you need a boss who will allow you to work independently and with autonomy? Or are you more productive when you are guided and micromanaged? Maybe you work better in a team or competitive environment? Each of us is motivated by working in a different environment, and it is better to determine exactly what working environment is right for you.

What Type of Working Schedule Suits Me Best? This question may seem trivial to many of you, but if the question of a flexible working schedule is more important for you, decide what hours you prefer to work. Do you need permanent or temporary work? Part time or even full time? Perhaps you’d like to work from home? Or do you need 2 months of vacation each year? The choice is yours; make sure that you research to see which is best for you.

What Does the Internet Say About My Digital Footprint? In this day and age, there’s so much about carbon footprint, but what’s also very important is also managing your own personal digital footprint. It’s no secret that employers, when conducting their research on candidates who have been shortlisted for roles, they do tend to look at the digital footprint of candidates by checking out their social media platforms to make sure that a candidate is worthy. Perhaps you should post some photos and posts. Or change the privacy settings on all of your social media channels. Don’t mess the opportunity of dream job by having a compromised social media presence.

Am I Ready for Change? What are you ready to do for the sake of your dream job? Imagine that you find the perfect place, but to work there you need to move to another city or even, another country. Are you ready for this sacrifice? What about your family? You may have to move them, or even move away from them. What is more important for you?

What is My Ultimate Goal? The work you agree on tomorrow may not be your dream job. But it can lead you to her after a while. Think about what your goal is and how to get to it. Indeed, many people think that they can land their dream job from the get-go, in most cases this does not happen. You may need to consider a long-term strategy. There have been cases where people have started their careers at absolute rock bottom. Ever seen the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith? Look what he had to go through in order to obtain the ultimate goal of working within the Financial Markets industry.

How Much Do I Want to Earn? Ever heard the phrase, “You have not, because you asked not”. This goes the same for your salary. Be ready to ask for what you think your deserve to get paid. What are your salary expectations? They should be realistic. You should know why you want to get exactly that much, your main points of reference should be on your experience, achievements and qualifications (additional educational programs, certificates), as well as the amount of work you need to do.

Do I Have a Strategy and Plan? There is a well-known proverb; “If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail” How much do you think your job search will take? And how long can you allow yourself to remain unemployed? If you have not quit your current job, how long will it take? How will you combine the real work and the search for the next one?

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