How to Give an Elevator Pitch in Front of an Interviewer


How to Give an Elevator Pitch in Front of an Interviewer

Giving an elevator pitch needs you to be composed and at ease since this is what will convince someone to pick you over the competition. The first step often is introducing yourself well before the panel so that they know who you are and what you have to offer. The following tips can bail you out if you are stuck on what to do.

Have confidence in yourself

There is nothing that impresses interviewers more than a person with confidence. You need to portray confidence to look sure of what you are saying; otherwise, you will be taken for granted. Your confidence level needs to be sound from start to finish. A great way to boost your confidence is to maintain eye contact with the panel and use gestures while slowly moving around the room if allowed to stand.

Make it lively using intelligent jokes

Although this is not a major requirement, it would go a long way in lightening the mood in the room. If you’re gifted in-jokes and funny stuff, this is a great chance to use them during the interview. However, you should know how to limit the jokes as they shouldn’t be too much to void the real content. Again you need to come up with witty jokes if possible, which relate to the job you’re applying for. Silly jokes are not allowed and may cost you your entire pitch.

Explain yourself widely

You should not leave any loophole of a doubt by the end of your elevator pitch. You should have the panel convinced that you are indeed the person they are looking for. And how will you achieve this? Simple, in your elevator pitch, make sure you explain every single detail within the shortest time possible. This way the people interviewing you won’t have much trouble understanding you.

Wrap it all up with a call to action

The call to action depends on what your elevator pitch is targeted to. If it is a job interview for instance, then it means you need to wind up by showing the interviewing panel why they should hire you right away. Leave them at a point where their only option is to pick you for the job. At this point, you will clearly explain your value to the company where you want the job.

Be vocal

You need to be heard clearly by everyone without them straining. So for this reason, you need to train your voice to be adequately understood.

When you’re stuck on what to do during an interview where an elevator pitch is needed, use the tips above to make it easier.

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