How to Handle Low Salary Offers from the Job Interviewer


How to Handle Low Salary Offers from the Job Interviewer

Sometimes the interviewer may offer you a salary proposal that is too low for you, how do you go about it? In some cases, this is meant to be a trap or challenge to evaluate your negotiation skills. Most job seekers end up losing it at this point since they counter back inappropriately or decline the job entirely. You can easily handle such issues using the following easy ways:

Make a counter

You don’t have to agree to the proposed salary if you find it demeaning to your status. You can offer a counter of what they have told you and see what the reaction is. Sometimes the low salary proposal is meant merely to evaluate where exactly you place yourself in that job. Again making a counter will leave some room for bargaining where you can quickly get a softer spot to land on than the one given to you.

Don’t respond negatively

However low the amount proposed to you is, never respond negatively or rudely to the employer. Always keep your calm even during the negotiations. They might just be checking your communication skills in an attempt to see if you know how to handle such situations. Some job seekers end up losing their cool when offered low salaries not knowing it’s a challenge to overcome.

Be patient

Such a discussion requires one to be patient and still to reach a consensus. Arguing and being defensive isn’t going to solve the problem. If anything, it will make the whole situation worse than it already is at that time. Like the adage states, ‘patience pays.’

Try to get their reasons

Maybe all you need to do is to ask, and you will get the answer. The idea behind the remuneration may be genuine, and that is why you need to listen to it first before creating your judgement.

Ask for some time to think

When you feel you are stuck and don’t have a response at that time, then it is best to request some time to consider first. You can use this time to consult widely both in that company and experts in the industry. With the information you get, you might find yourself able to make a sound decision on the salary they are offering. It will also give the employer satisfaction that you haven’t despised what is on the table.

Hopefully, when you put all the above into consideration, you will decide how much you want to get paid.

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