How to Leave an Outstanding Impression at a Job Interview

Many applicants are afraid of job interviews. This is indeed a very important point in the job search process. It is also a great chance to demonstrate your best qualities and make a positive impression.


Starting any conversation, be sure to introduce yourself; the interviewer should remember you well. Just like you should remember his name well. Psychologists have found that the most pleasant word for a person is his own name. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression, to show your interest and friendliness, often contact the other party by name. Of course, this should be appropriate – you should not start each sentence with the name of the interviewer.


Clothing should not become the main goal, but you need to pay enough attention to it. First of all, it must conform to the culture of the company to which you come. It is important to find a middle ground between strict style and memorable. You should not remain faceless, but not stand out too much, otherwise the interviewer will only remember your clothes, and not you personally.

Language of the body

Do not forget about the proper use of body language. Try to avoid closed poses – do not cross your arms or legs during a conversation, do not hide your hands in your pockets, do not occupy other people’s personal space, behave calmly and restrained.


Speech should be thought out in advance, prepare for typical questions. Do not use slang words, slang and watch out for parasitic words. If you are talking to a HR manager, then try to use as few professional terms as possible that will be poorly understood. Your goal – to bring the essence, and not to splurge.

Negative statements

You set the tone of the conversation using affirmative or negative expressions. For example, talking about proficiency in English, you can say that you know him not at a high level and have not completed additional courses after studying it at the university. And you can say that you speak English at the pre-intermediate level, studied at the university and attended additional courses. The very essence has not changed, but the perception of this information has changed.

Completing self-presentation

This is a kind of deal. When you present a product or service, you complete the transaction, leading the client to make a purchasing decision. Similarly, here you motivate your employer to deal with you. Specify what prospects can wait for you, when to wait for a call, whether a new meeting is planned.

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