How to Negotiate Your Salary In a Job Interview

The topic of remuneration is usually the toughest during an interview. This is because you may not know how to answer questions touching compensation and salaries. How much would you want to get paid for this job? This is a challenging question that mostly won’t miss out in an interview, so better be prepared and ready for it. The following tips should help you out when faced with this question.

Know what your worth is

This is very important, don’t go below what your worth. That will make you look cheap, and the interviewer(s) may wonder if you are skilled for the job. Every job has its market value, and there’s always a standard amount paid uniformly. Do not be afraid to articulate your needs in front of the employer.

You can delay the answer for a while

When faced with the question on remuneration, you can delay the response as you don’t have to answer directly. This is a topic that you need to take into careful consideration before answering, and so you cannot afford to speak out what you are not sure of, you better keep quiet. You can delay the direct answer by twisting the question in different angles. For instance, you can ask the employer to give you more information about what the job requires first before you answer his/her question.

Give a range and not an exact figure

Often people make the mistake of giving an exact value when asked how much they want to earn; this is wrong and might cost you the job. Always offer a range and not the exact number. This will throw the ball back to the employer’s court for them to handle it. It will also leave a challenge for both of you to have further discussions pertaining to the matter.

Be flexible

Do not come to the interview with a fixed mindset about compensation. Instead, you need to be flexible and open to discussions with the employer. Flexibility comes in where you have stated your preferred remuneration rate and the employer seems not to agree with it entirely. This is where there is room for negotiations to allow for both parties to meet in the middle. Do not be too rigid and stuck to your side that you can’t listen to any other discussions from the other hand.

The bit about salaries is a challenge that you can overcome through using wisdom and tips like those above.

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