How to Reveal Your Personal Values & Character at a Job Interview

What is important for you while choosing a job? Asking this question, employer would like to look at your values and see if they correspond with the important things for the company. By pondering this issue, he, actually, tries to find answer to the following questions:

Are you interests the same as the values of company?

In what order do you list your priorities?
How do you approach the choice of work – do you have any criteria for you?
What are you focusing on when it comes to criteria?

What is not worth answering such questions
I do not know, I’m just looking for a job.
I have not thought about it.
Only money is important to me.
It is necessary for me not to have extra work hours; I always leave exactly at 18:00.

What should be considered when answering this question:

Consciously or unknowingly, we already have our own criteria for choosing a job. For some reason, after communicating with some companies, we leave the interview with an understanding that we definitely do not want to be part of the team. After others we think and analyze. Finally, there are companies when we are already ready to join the company and soon go to work. We read non-verbal signals, analyze the received information and make a decision.

Recall your job interviews and make a list of what attracted you and what distracted from the companies. This is your criteria for choosing a job. Surely, the distance to the office, the schedule, the team and more can be critically important to you. But there are always a few criteria. It’s best to know them first and foremost to make job search work as efficient as possible and not waste time.

What are you proud of? What is your successes?

What the employer really wants to know by asking this question:

What matters to you and in what sphere?
Can you praise yourself when you have really succeeded in something?
Do you have achievements in sports (it shows about the ability to achieve the set goals and about self-discipline).
How do you talk about it and are you really proud of yourself?

That is not worth answering such questions

I have nothing to be proud of.
I do not remember anything like that.
I do not know.

What should be considered when answering this question

Of course you have success! Certainly, you have something to be proud of! This is a wonderful question that can remind you that you have success in different areas. For example, achievements in sport, university / team initiatives, successful projects, everything can be your success. You just need to take your time and recall.

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