How to Search for a New Job If You are Presently Employed

Many job seekers are looking for work while they are employed. This approach is convenient and beneficial in many ways, but also has a number of nuances.

Temporary restrictions

It should be borne in mind that you do not have as much time as you would like. Therefore, you need to carefully plan all meetings and interviews, select the optimal time. If your work implies a permanent stay in the office, then each time it will be more difficult to ask for leave. You will be required to take a more responsible approach to the choice of meetings, choosing only the most interesting offers for you, try to arrange interviews for an early morning, evening or dinner, select compelling reasons to take time off from work. Some companies give test assignments to candidates – agree on the time of their execution, taking into account their employment.


Whenever you have problems in your current job, urgent matters, important projects, etc., you need to forget about them for the duration of communication with a potential employer. Switch your attention to new perspectives, and do not think as soon as possible to return to the office. And after that do not forget to switch back to the current work.

“Pros and cons”

You can allow greater self-confidence during the interview if you already have a job. This will allow you to find the best offer both in terms of working conditions and in terms of wages. Compare the possible place of work with the current one, write down all the pros and cons – this will help you decide.


It is better not to dwell on the fact that you are in search. Try to keep it secret: do not tell your colleagues about it, talk more carefully on the phone at the workplace, do not write about it on social networks or your personal blog. Rumors can disperse very quickly, and management always has a negative attitude towards such employees. You do not want to lose your job, not having time to find a new one?


You should not communicate with potential employers using corporate email. Remember that all correspondence that passes through the corporate address belongs to the company and, moreover, the management can look through your letters, when you quit, you will lose all the contents of your mailbox. Moreover, on the part of a potential employer, this does not look professional. Use for this only personal mail. Do not forget that a personal e-mail address must be suitable, you can read about it in the article “7 ways to make a resume unprofessional.”

Commercial secret

Most likely you will get a job in a company from the same sphere, perhaps, to direct competitors. You should not immediately disclose the entire internal kitchen, talk about current projects and plans. After all, what will prevent you from doing the same thing next time? No employer would like this. You may be thanked for such information, but you are unlikely to get a position. If the interviewer asks about it, tell only about your role – what you personally did and what you achieved, but

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