How to Successfully Prepare For a Job Interview

The impression that you make on a person at the first meeting is the most important thing. Remember that you need to look at the interlocutor straight to your eyes, smile, firmly shake your hand and talk confidently. Try to remember the name of the person and if you will have the opportunity to use it during the first five minutes of conversation, do it! This will help you remember him better, and your partner will like it.

Analyzing your future position

Write down all the duties and information you know about the job position and thoroughly examine them (this information can be obtained from the description of the vacancy). Ask yourself:

Do I really understand what is required of a person occupying this post?
What are the purposes of this post?
How can these goals be achieved?

If there are some incomprehensible aspects of your position, put questions that you can ask later on the interview. It is very important to try to analyze this post to determine which of your personal and professional qualities, your experience confirms that your qualifications match it.

Rate yourself

Think about the answers to the following questions:

What are the strategic goals of your career?
Do they agree with the goals of your future position?
Why are you interested in this post and this company?
Can you prove that your qualification corresponds to this position?
What personal and professional qualities do you have to say about your position?
Do you really need this work?
Why do companies need to hire you?

Learn about the company

You need to gather as much information as possible about the company and its business. This will help you:

Decide if you want to work in such a company.
Get ready for specific questions that you can ask.
Make an impression on the company’s knowledge (which means that you are really interested in this position).

Prepare answers to possible questions and rehearse answers to them with your friends

Use specific examples, numbers, and not general phrases!

Develop communication skills

80% of success in any job depends on your ability to communicate with people. First of all, you must be a good listener – a person who is ready to listen to someone else’s opinion, without interrupting and understanding what is meant (people do not always mean what they say). Learn to express your thoughts clearly and consistently. If you present an idea, explain it logically, using as many facts as possible. Do not criticize the company’s policy and do not spoil your colleagues and bosses.

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