How to Talk about Your Career on Your LinkedIn Profile

Without networking, success is extremely difficult. To be effective LinkedIn-profile, you need to add at least 50 contacts to your network. It is generally recommended to have at least three hundred, but no more than three thousand friends. Otherwise it will be difficult to manage communications.


This block is most important for those who do not yet have work experience. Some HR-specialists are interested in graduates of certain universities.

Profiles of participants with educational institutions are viewed seven times more often. Be sure to include the name of the university (up to 100 characters), years of study and add a description (maximum – 1 000 characters), that is, provide some details. For example, “he graduated with distinction,” “defended his thesis on the topic …”, “published in a scientific journal …”.


68% of participants use LinkedIn to connect with former business partners. Be accurate in describing past and current projects.

Be sure to specify the position (up to 100 characters), company name and period of work. Do not neglect the fields “Region” and “Description”. Why miss the opportunity to highlight your mobility and the profit that you brought to a company?

When describing a job, you should avoid high-flown words and superlative grades. Less adjectives, more verbs. Instead of writing “I am an excellent seller,” indicate the rewards and effectiveness of your sales in numbers.

Loyalty points to your profile will also add media content. Add links to presentations, videos, podcasts, blog posts, quotes and other materials. This will allow recruiters to understand who you are and what you are worth. In addition, the longer your users view your profile, the higher the chance that cooperation will be established between you.


Regularly update information about the projects you have worked on. This is a great way to demonstrate your competencies.

In essence, this is your portfolio. 66% of companies hire employees based on their past projects. Do not forget to put links (if any) to projects in which you participated. Users viewing your profile should have the opportunity to learn more about them.
Skills and their confirmations

Profiles of participants with skills are viewed four times more often. Specify what you can and ask to confirm these skills of friends from your contact list.

Monitored content

Keep track of topics you are interested in to keep abreast of developments in your industry, and join thematic groups and company communities.

In groups, you can ask questions and give advice, chat with industry colleagues or people from your alma mater. The group can be open, that is, anyone can enter it, and closed – you need to submit an application and get administrator approval.

The group should not be confused with the company’s page. Many corporations, especially international, have their LinkedIn pages. But, unlike pages on other social networks, this is not done to promote a brand. On the company’s page you can see the list of its employees (maybe your friends are among them?), Learn about its news. By tracking updates to the company’s page, you’ll be aware

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