How to Talk About Your Hobbies & Interests During a Job Interview

The question about the hobby only at first glance seems unimportant and simple. In response, the interviewer receives the necessary information in order to create a full portrait of the candidate. In a large competition, hobbies can even become a decisive factor in recruitment.

It’s simple: interviewers want to learn more about the applicant as a person, not an employee. Also, the answer to this question often also speaks about how personal qualities can influence employee productivity in the future.

What exactly you do not need to say in response to a question about hobbies

• That you do not have any. A man without enthusiasm seems strange.
• That you are fanatically passionate about. Everything is good in a measure.
• That do you like gambling. In such a way you show yourself from the frivolous side.

Do not invent a hobby before an interview

If you have decided to talk about the hobby, then it should be really yours, and not invented on the way to the interview. If you cannot keep up the conversation on your own hobbies, and the interviewer may well get carried away with what you are, then you will find yourself in a stupid position.

Associate hobbies and useful skills for work

It is good when you can associate your favorite hobbies with skills that are useful for the position you are applying for. For example, thanks to the fascination with some kind of sports, you have developed endurance, which is important for almost any job.

Tell current information

The hobby that was interesting for you 10-20 years ago cannot be called your hobby. Elementary, you will not be able to support the conversation on this topic and will fall into the awkward situation/

Celebrate  your key achievements

It is not necessary to describe in detail each of the hobbies – it is enough to indicate the achievements, if any. For example, “candidate master of sports”, “1st place in the dance competition.” By the way, such achievements allow the recruiter to assess whether you are a goal-oriented person.

Look for common interests with the interviewer

If you know exactly who is about to be interviewing, there is the opportunity to inquire about him (at least to find a profile on social media). It will be a great success if you get some kind of passion for the interviewer.

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