How To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths During A Job Interview


How To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strength During A Job Interview

Our weaknesses may give us reasons to ail as well as ideas to succeed. How we handle or portray our shortcomings in front of a panel will illuminate who we are during an interview. What we do with our faults matters most to the interviewers as they will be able to gauge your character from there. Learn to use weaknesses as a positive factor rather than a negative one.

Turning weakness into a strength.

Be honest and upfront

The interviewers will be interested to know about your weaknesses; hence they will ask you. How you answer determines if you proceed to the next step of the job search. Be straight about your weakness and tell it like it is without sugarcoating. Avoid going into detail about the fault as this may make things worse. This is because the deficiency may be related to the job description hence hampering your chances to advance. Own up to your weakness and make peace with it before facing the panel; that way you can answer any questions they ask you regarding your weaknesses.

Tell a story

Be creative when thinking of what to say to the panel concerning your weakness. Tell a story covering the weakness without necessarily going into details. The details may sell you out of your desired position. Hence do not dwell so much around the weakness instead switch to the recovery process. You should be able to narrate your recovery steps and measures you put in place to overcome your shortcomings. Your story should be able to convince the panel of your value as well as your strength originating from overcoming your weaknesses

Turn it around into a positive force

Here you are tasked to convince the board that your fault can be a strength. For example; when you are overly critical of you, you can turn this into an advantage by saying this enables you to do thorough work as well as avoiding an unnecessary mistake. This weakness makes you overly keen. This may convince the panel to play into your narrative and view your vulnerability as a possible asset in your line of work.

Choosing the right words to say when justifying your weaknesses in front of a panel is essential to pass an interview successfully. You should own up to your shortcomings and make them work for you, let them become your strengths at work.

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