How To Write a CV for the UK Jobs Marketplace

Every country has its rules. For example, in the majority of European companies it is acceptable to include no more than one page of detailed story about your work achievements and personal goals. However, in the UK the size of CV is slightly bigger, about two-three pages. If you are eager to know about other differences, this article will answer your questions.

Forget about the resume

Once you have originated from another country, you might get used to writing a resume. In Great Britain this term is considered as obsolete. Actually, resume is quite limited and includes only such information that seems necessary for the job you are going to apply for. Certainly, the British CV is much longer.

No need to change

It consists of several pages where employer is likely to find out a lot of interesting things about applicant’s achievements and work experienced in chronological order. CV is rather convenient as you don’t need to change it while applying for various jobs. British executives are interested in the whole background information about the person.

Be academic

If you are sure that nobody cares about your school achievements, you are terribly mistaken. British CV should include all personal goals you put forward earlier, as well as awards, certificates, and other information how you have been praised for an excellent performance. Of course, there is no need to enlist all the good marks you got being in the sixth form, however, college and university accomplishments could serve you well.

Two-three pages are enough

It is widely accepted that a person who has recently graduated from university should not write more than to pages. At the same time, if you have some work experience, feel free to talk about it.

Short statement or personal profile to reveal your personality in a positive way

A brief description of your abilities and personal traits has to be included in the CV. Two-four phrases will be enough to talk directly to your future employer and explain how their values correspond with your goals. Use positive language to show determination, reasonable ambitions, and willingness to collaborate with the company. However, don’t try to overrate your experience or denigrate other candidacies or companies where you had been working previously. It will definitely help you to make an excellent impression upon HR manager or the head of department you are eager to work for.

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