How to Write a Winning and Outstanding Cover Letter

Would you like to get a good job, but the competition for a vacancy is overflowing? Perhaps, you do not know how to effectively stand out among many competitors? We have prepared solution for you. Write a cover letter.

Why employers are asking for a cover letter

When, besides the summary, the employer asks for an additional cover letter, it is dictated by his desire to see among the flow of incoming CVs of candidates with a high motivation to the proposed work, able to “sell” their candidacy. In addition, it will not hinder the availability of the following qualities for candidates:
– skills of business correspondence, ability to express thoughts briefly and in business, ability to self-analysis;

Is there an ideal cover letter and how it looks?

There is no such form of writing that would fit all the companies at all times. However, there are several important rules that should be taken into account by those who have decided to present themselves in the best possible light:

1. First and foremost, the cover letter must be individual. It is very helpful to ask a particular person if you know his name. Often on job placement sites it is indicated from whose name the vacancy is posted. You can also try to call a company and find out in advance who is in charge of this vacancy to discuss the requirements of the vacancy with this employee in order to make his letter even more targeted.

2. Entry should be convincing: you need to pick up the “magic” order of words that will make the recipient to read your letter to the end and most importantly – will motivate the person making the decision to meet with you. By and large, the purpose of the cover letter is to ask for a personal meeting, where you can already imagine yourself to the future employer.

3. Letter should be short, strong and structural. The information must be presented in blocks, splitting it in paragraphs, otherwise the text will be merged into something entire, which is quite difficult to perceive and memorize the key information.

4. If you are responding to a specific job, then the letter should emphasize your competitive advantage as a candidate for the said position.

To-do list

If you have a deeper knowledge of the subject than specified in the requirements – underline this, if you have more experience – specify.

If you do not meet 100% to any particular requirement, but you have other competitive advantages, it makes sense to emphasize such advantages and to encourage the responsible person to have a personal meeting with you.

If in the description of the vacancy it was a question of any specific skills that a competitor must possess – indicate them and give concrete examples where these skills have been successfully applied by you.
Specify your 1-2 achievements at past workplaces – something that has allowed your past employer to make significant savings or save you with help. After all, this can be useful and in a new place!

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