How to Write an Engaging Covering Letter – Part 2

If you have great recommendations from former managers, employees or customers, do not be afraid to use them in your cover letter!

Don’t be too formal

The phrase “I am interested in a job and I want to work in your beautiful company” is full of sincerity? Not really. It seems that it was written by a robot. When drafting a cover letter, be yourself, be friendly, write in an accessible and simple way.

Write different cover letters for different jobs.

If you have a template like “Dear recruitment manager, I really want to work in your company and hope that I can realize my potential for such and such a position,” delete it and never send it to anyone. For each job, write unique letters so that recruiters would like to respond to them.

Look for inspiration

Not sure where to start? Read articles on how to write a cover letter for inspiration, see examples that really work, read hardcore tips from an expert.

Be open to other formats.

A cover letter should not be boring, and there are many ways to revive it. Planning to work in a startup? Make the letter creative: play with the formats, visualize the data, make a video, tell the story in pictures. Most likely, your chances of getting a call from a recruiter will increase.

Were going to send a resume in a serious company with traditional foundations? Use the standard approach. But write a letter in human language.

Do not go too far with creativity.

Stand out, but know the measure. When you have created an unusual cover letter, ask someone close to become your reviewer. If he approves, feel free to send your creation.

In general, asking a friend to look at the cover letter is not such a bad idea. Ask him two questions: “Does this text sell me as the best specialist for this job? Do you like writing? If the reviewer answered no, or even slightly hesitated, continue to improve your letter.

Try adding a headline.

Add a catchy header to your letter. For example: “3 reasons why I am a great sales manager.”

Be present

It is difficult to say how many applicants in the cover letter use the words sociable, stress-resistant, I know how to work in a team, etc. Change the adjectives and write just like a normal person. If the cover letter is written honestly, from the heart, and not according to a template, then it is felt immediately

Examine company information

A cover letter is a good way to show that you understand the corporate values ​​of a company, and to prove that they are not alien to you, which means you are the one who is needed. Information can be gathered from the company’s website. Also, when writing a text, always think about the person who will read it.


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