How Your CV Reveals Your Personality

Is one hour enough to make a good CV? How accurate will it be? Perhaps this time is enough to list all the skills, knowledge, qualifications, achievements, interests and experience, or you just underestimate yourself? If you don’t think so, you are right. Actually, the most skills are enlisted, the better you look in the eyes of the executive. So, get prepared and you will never forget about it.

Get a little distracted

Think about it for a couple of minutes. You give these few sheets of paper to a complete stranger in the hope that they will help change your life. Of course, you fully understand everything written in the resume and you know what you wanted to convey to his reader, but will the recruiter understand this?

Often people omit some important aspects or explanations to them, believing that the personnel manager will understand everything anyway. But this is not always the case.

Put aside your CV and think about what you wrote in it. Imagine a stranger giving you your CV. What can you say about this person after reading? Give this resume to friends and relatives – what will they say? This is especially effective if people are far from the specifics of your profession. It happens that the recruiter is not 100% aware of it.

Divide the CV into parts

There is also some good recommendation to divide the CV into several parts to make better emphasis. Bring each part of CV to a separate page and study separately. HR managers often focus more on individual parts than on the entire resume.

Another advantage of this approach is that you can better concentrate on individual parts, give each more attention, without being distracted by others.

Did you like what you read?

After reading your CV, as if it belongs to another person, answer honestly – did you like it? Would you hire this person in your team? If you are not satisfied with something, then analyze each part by points and improve it. Do this until you are completely satisfied. For sure, such work will have been taken several hours before you get totally happy about that, however, the result is worth it.

It is important not just to write a resume and send it to a job. recommends taking a closer look at yourself – this is a very important part of your job search.

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