How Your Prior Achievements Can Boost Your Job Interview Pitch


How Your Prior Achievements Can Boost Your Job Interview Pitch

This is by far the best-interviewing skill that you can use to increase your chances of getting hired. Everyone likes positivity and portraying this to the interviewing panel can convince them to give you the job. Your previous achievements should be real and relatable, not just made up to impress the interviewer. Sometimes it is better to keep quiet if you don’t have any real achievements from the past rather than lying. You should know that interviewers probably have a background study about you even before the engagement or will go the extra mile to find out more about you after the interview. Your prior achievements can boost your pitch through the following ways:

They can raise the interviewer’s confidence in you

The interviewing panel will have more confidence to hire if you give them some achievements you had in the past. It may be an award, title or even promotion at a previous job. All in all, anything positive that you did in the past will count and might be your light to getting the job.

Gives you an upper hand

When you are in an interview, you cannot solely rely on your CV. Other people will be seeking the same position, and so there has to be a distinction. Giving your past achievements is a great way to distinguish yourself from the majority who equally have reasonable qualifications from the job. It’s more like spices in food, the more it is present, the better the food tastes.

Makes you look professional

Everyone can come up with a CV for a job interview and so making one does not qualify you for the job. You need to add some past achievements that can convince the interviewing panel you are a professional at what you do.

Shows what you are capable of

Your past achievements can show the interviewing panel just what you can do or achieve if given a chance. Although not in all cases, the past determines the future. You, therefore, need to scout for some of the best achievements in your career for you to convince the interviewer that you can make an impact in the company you plan on being hired.

The information above shows just how important stating your past achievements is. It can aid you much when you are in an interview and give you a chance where you least expected.

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