Is It Your Dream Job? Listen to the Experts’ Recommendations

If job position seems interesting enough for you, still there are some questions to clarify. In case you haven’t spent your time on it preliminary, you might find yourself in a trap and waste time on the work that became a bit unexpected.

Phone calls matter

In order not to waste time, you can begin your first telephone or email conversation with HR with the phrase: “Surely, the job position is very interesting to me. But I would like to clarify something before our meeting, will you find a couple of minutes? ”

Here it is important to find out in 3-5 minutes not only the fundamentally important terms of cooperation for you, but also make a pleasant impression in case the job position is decent.

What about the salary? 

Let’s speak frankly: the first thing I want to know is, of course, the size of the salary. Especially if the employer uses a vague wording “on the basis of an interview”. Even if you know how much an average specialist on the market is at your level, an employer may be surprised.
But since the question of remuneration cannot be the first to sound, moreover, the salary discussion is usually the final stage of the interview, start with your future duties – clarify the functionality. The question will highlight your interest in the vacancy and add points to you in the eyes of the employer.

Special preferences

If you have any personal wishes for cooperation, talk about them immediately. If you are going to combine work with studies – ask if the employer is ready to give weekends on the days of examinations and tests. If you want to combine several employment at the same time, find out how the company treats this. In case you expect to spend on the road to the office no more than a certain time – ask how employees get to work.

 If the HR manager cannot specifically answer your questions and refuses to discuss any details of the vacancy by phone, this should cause suspicion. A good employer will always tell about himself in at least a few sentences and present himself from the best side.

Of course, the personnel manager may simply not have time: someone came, a second call, a meeting in a minute. Then offer to call back with questions at a convenient time for the interlocutor. If you hear the rejection again, then it may be worthwhile to postpone this vacancy until worse times.

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