Questions The Will Ruin Your First Impression at a Job Interview

When preparing for an interview with the employer, do not forget to think questions that you ask the interviewer. Otherwise, the employer will think that you are not interested in working for his company, or you do not have your point of view. Here we have collected the worst questions which should never be asked.

What is your company doing?

The main thing: do not ask questions, the answers to which can be found in the company’s advertising materials. With this you will only show your incompetence and unpreparedness for the interview.

Which salary do you offer?

It is silly to ask about salary, bonuses and other privileges on the first interview, especially if you have not made a preliminary proposal yet. At this stage, you and the interviewer should be interested in what you can do for the company, and not vice versa. The only exception is that the interviewer first touched on this topic and wants to know your opinion.

Do you have any other job positions?

In the course of the interview, you found that the vacancy actually does not suit you very much: the salary is lower, the status is lower … Take the time to ask such a question when you received a refusal from the job you originally claimed, but your candidacy seemed interesting.

How soon should I expect to get promotion?

Your task is to show yourself to be a purposeful person, and not to show readiness to get rid of a job you have not received as soon as possible. There are more tactical ways to ask such a question, for example, politely ask what are the prospects for growth at a potential job.

What is the schedule and the duration of the vacation?

This question should be pushed to “after” the discussion of salary, that is, after receiving the official “Job offer”. Do not talk about a vacation earlier than the process of the device for a new job will enter the final stage – this is when the size of the salary has long been clarified, and the interviewer has already spoken a magic phrase: “When are you ready to get started?”

Questions about the political views of the interviewer or executive

It is not necessary to demonstrate your interest in politics, even if it is. And moreover, a special commitment to any party. And the political views of the interlocutors are generally incorrectly figured out.

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