Should I Pay Someone to Write My CV?

Should I Pay Someone to Write My CV?

In this current economic and highly competitive climate, it can be a challenging prospect to write a CV that puts your best foot forward and really stand out from the busy crowd of jobseekers.

The CV writing experts at CVLondon are going to highlight the pros and cons of appointing a professional CV writer and by doing this can positively impact your potential opportunities for your career.

Career candidates that have a negative online presence, would be persuaded to engage with an experienced and seasoned professional CV Writer to improve their first impression on their CV or on the online job boards such as LinkedIn, Total Jobs and more.

Similarly, if you’ve led a career in a particular industry sector and you now would like to endeavour upon a career change, hiring a professional CV writer is most certainly a great investment to make. With a professional CV writer, they will be able to look at your blind spots and highlight your positive working qualities. would be the ideal professional to talk to.

Here we look at some pros and cons of hiring a professional CV writer and how the process works.

The Pros:

High Quality Writing Expertise:

While there is no direct link between one’s job performance and the ability to write a good CV, a well formatted and professionally written CV indirectly screams good performance. Employers often have hundreds of CV’s to read through, so it is important that your CV grabs the attention of these top employers. For many jobs, the ability to write clearly and effectively is essential. When writing a CV, grammatical mistakes can be read as a lack of attention to detail and the use of slang will present to employers that you’re too informal for the job role. A professionally written CV will ensure you’re the top candidate for the job.

Personal, tailored and holistic approach.

Engaging a professional CV Writer will ensure they create and write your CV in the best possible light of your working personality, whilst also ensuring that all of your transferable skills, experiences, key achievements. and innovative creative ideas are highlighted so that they can demonstrate how you can add positive value to the business. Presenting yourself in a positive manner on your professional CV will definitely give you the edge over your competitor job seekers and puts you in a good light with Recruiters and HR Managers.

Employment Industry Knowledge and Advice.

Professional CV Writers always tend to have their finger on the pules when it comes to employment trends and patterns, which puts you as a job seeker to get the best advice when making moves within the job market. If you have been out of the working game for an extensive period of time, then having a professional CV writer will most certainly have your best interests at heart in wanting you to succeed as it looks good for their reputation and industry knowledge. Well-established and credible CV writing services will have been in the business for a long time, so they will certainly know what to look for when assisting you in creating an interview winning CV.

The Cons:

CV Builders & CV Factories:

With the rise in new IT technology, there are many sophisticated CV builder sites online, and as much as they offer instant creation of CVs, they often are very cheap and lack the personal touch. Their aim is to simply turnover as many customers as possible but fail to add any class, quality or the personal touch. Some CV companies charge so little and have outsourced CV writers from non-English speaking countries in different time zones, this can be a challenge and frustrating for many clients.

We recommend that you call and speak to CV companies first and find out who exactly is going to write your CV and build up a rapport with them first before purchasing their services.


The Cost of Writing a CV:

Across the web you will find a whole range and CV writing offering differing and very similar services and at a range of prices. We recommend to go with what is best for you, however, the saying “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. When you have made the decision to get your CV written, be sure to have the perspective that you are making and investment into yourself, your future and your family.

Here at CVLondon, we are incredibly proud to have helped all manner of professionals, who are employed, unemployed, contractors, students, entrepreneurs, and believe it or not, even royalty. They saw the value that we offered to them as CV writers and employment experts and chose to invest in themselves.

CVLondon can provide you a highly personalised and bespoke professional CV service with prices starting at £250. We will always write your CV from scratch and give you the best chance of securing an interview.


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