The 5 Critical Components of a Perfect Elevator Pitch


The 5 Critical Components of a Perfect Elevator Pitch.

An elevator pitch is a brief statement used to convince someone to believe in you. A robust elevator pitch is the difference between you and the deal you want to seal, the sure way of making an impact on the other person. Therefore, creating one requires skill and expertise to convince someone. A perfect elevator speech needs to have a few components that will make it ideal for convincing the interviewer in this case.

Statement of the problem

This is the first step in creating an effective elevator speech. You need to take thorough research and identify what the problem is in that industry or market. A viable pitch must show a problem; otherwise, it won’t catch anyone’s attention. It doesn’t have to be a huge problem, so this should not scare you.

Have a solution to the problem stated

After you have identified what the problem is in that industry or market, try to come up with a solution. You need to show yourself as a useful process in the solution to that problem; otherwise, they won’t require you to help them out. If you don’t have the right idea on how to solve the problem, you can consult others for ideas.

Identification of the target market

For a job interview, the panel looks for someone who knows what the company’s target market is and how to reach them. Depending on the type of company, the target market differs. Understanding the target market will portray you as having sufficient information that can make a change.

Describe what the competition looks like

Knowing the company isn’t sufficient as there are competitors too. You cannot overrule the ability of your competitor in whatever field you are in. Therefore, your elevator pitch needs to have a bit of information about the competition and how to deal with them. After all, every company is looking for ways to get the upper hand ahead of the game.

Have a backing from the numbers

As it is said, numbers don’t lie. When coming up with an elevator pitch, you need to know the specifics and not just random guesswork. Remember how many customers, for instance, you can bring into the company once you are hired and other essential data. This will help you to have a solid elevator pitch when staging it.

So there you have it. Those are the five critical components needed for a perfect elevator pitch. Feel free to use them when next you are heading out for an interview.

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