The Best 7 Questions to Ask an Employer at a Job Interview

It is always helpful to show the employer that you are serious. Double bottom issues are not only among HR-manager. Only these should be prepared in advance, so as not to ask something trivial, to which you can find the answer on the company’s website.

How did this vacancy come about?

An important question is to find out how much time an organization has an interesting position, how many people occupied it before you and why it was freed. How the employer answers the question will tell a lot about staff turnover in this company.

If a job is new, it is important to know why the company needed such an employee. If not, then you can ask HR-manager to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of the person who worked in this position before you.

What difficulties will I face?

This question will help to learn about the shortcomings of future work. In other words, find out what happened before, what you should avoid and what to push. Be interested in looking confident and fearless in the face of problems.

 How will my typical work day look like?

If it seems to you that your interlocutor is nervous or does not take you seriously, this simple and non-abstract question will help to break the ice.

By what criteria will my work be evaluated?

If you want to know more about the priorities of your possible superiors and what is important in your future work, ask about it.

Why do you like working here?

A clever way to learn about the values ​​of a company, its ethics and corporate culture — for such things, it is usually judged how successful the company is.

Who can be called the most successful people in the company and why?

Watch how they will respond to you in what manner. If the atmosphere in the team is healthy, then the lucky ones and the drummers will be told to you with enthusiasm.

How do you rate me?

Question will help you find out how well you coped with the interview and how honest and open your interviewees are. When you ask about criticism, it speaks of enthusiasm and the desire to develop, to correct your own mistakes and the ability to admit them.

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