The Best Questions to Ask a HR Manager in a Job Interview

Surprisingly, the most common answer to the interviewer’s question is “Do you have questions?” – no. This is not only an incorrect answer, but also a missed opportunity to learn important information about the company and the position.

Let’s consider this situation on the examples: two candidates for an interview to the sales department.

The first candidate asks: “Tell me about the bonuses your company offers for employees. How many days of leave is granted per year, and how much can I take at one time? ”

Assuming that this is the first interview, asking for bonuses and leave is premature. With this approach, the interviewer may find that you are too selfish, and your interest in work is minimal.

The second candidate: “No, I think you told me everything I wanted to know. I’m sure I will have more questions if I get a post. ”

This approach is too passive and also does not show interest in the work. Not the fact that the second candidate will have questions in the future, since he may not get the job.

It is important to ask questions that will help you learn more about the company’s work and the nuances of your position. This will show your interest and qualification as a specialist. And, of course, it will help make a pleasant impression.

A good answer would be: “Yes, I have a couple of questions. From what you told me you can conclude that the company has problems with keeping old customers. Is it so? If so, which ways to solve this problem were used? And whether new employees work with old clients or are they at the beginning engaged in attracting new ones? ”

Such an answer will show that you are interested in the work of the company, its problems and ways of their solution. You will look like an interested person who understands this area. In addition, you will have an idea of ​​what awaits you.
Prepare yourself in advance

You need to decide what information about the company’s work will be useful to you. Prepare a list of 10 questions:

About the company itself, its achievements, problems and ways of their solution
About the work of the department for which you are applying for
About the situation in the sphere in which the company operates

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