The Best Questions to Ask an Employer in a Job Interview

It’s pretty much inevitable that at the end of a job interview you are very likely to hear the following questions: ‘Do you have any other issues or questions that you would like to ask us? Unfortunately, some candidates do not want to spend the extra time and simply gain a little more clarity about the opportunity. Let’s talk about what potential questions that you can think of in order to find out more about the company, and also understand exactly why they would like you to ask questions in return.

What the Employer Really Wants to Know by Asking You this Question Why you’re interested in their company, a sphere of activities and the job position? To discover your level of interest in working for them. To see how you are able to answer questions on the spot and think on your feet.  What is important for you when choosing this job?

Questions To Certainly Not Ask in an Interview What is your sick leave pay? Will I get holiday pay? Will I get a pay rise after a year? Do I get holiday pay? How long are my lunch breaks?   Sorry, I don’t have any questions.

What Sort of Questions Should I Consider Asking? Before asking questions to the employer, remember at which stage you are at in the interview, for example, is it the first, second or final interview. This is important because there are key points that you should already know about the company and the responsibilities of the job.

At the first stage of the interview, ask questions about the company itself, for example; How many employees do you have? What is the structure of the business unit? (for the job you are interviewing for), Who is the manager that I will be reporting to?, What is the current business strategy or plan over the next 3-5 years? What are the next stages of the interview?, When can I expect feedback of the interview?

It’s better to go back to details like vacation and paid sickness after you learn more information and company and make a conclusion you see yourself here. Yes, these questions are important. And it really is worth asking the employer before accepting a job offer. Do this in the final stage, contact HR to clarify the important details for yourself.

Always ask your employer questions! Remember to regard yourself as a partner!

Why is it so important to tell the truth? Hiding your values and life position do not make any sense. No one can wear a mask forever. Sooner or later, we all open up and manifest exactly who we are. There is no point in playing these sorts of games. It’s a waste of time. Therefore, consider these recommendations and make your answers honest and as relevant – in such a way, you will find your dream job faster than you think!

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