The Best Skills You Really Must Add on Your CV

An important point of the CV, which all employers pay attention to, is the paragraph about the main professional skills. Neither education nor work experience will tell about your personal expertise in certain matters. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look at examples of key skills in a CV in order to correctly complete the corresponding section. This will help show the employer exactly what you can do.

What to choose?

It is difficult to pick up some “typical” skills. After all, each profession has its own requirements and the applicant must meet them. If you do not know what to write, you can specify the following ones:

– Interpersonal business communication skills;

– Ability to organize work, plan, make decisions;

– Attention to various nuances and details;

– The ability to analyze problems, effectively look for ways to solve them;

– Ability to show flexibility;

– Project management skills;

– Commercial acumen and business leadership.

But it is still desirable to select skills depending on the requirements for candidates. Usually the employer himself indicates that he wants from a future employee. The applicant can simply rephrase his requirements and indicate them in key skills.

Leadership skills

Applicants who aim at becoming leaders or obtaining top positions are able to make emphasis on the stated skills:

  • Ability to solve conflict situations;
  • Work process planning and organization;
  • Making decisions and being responsible for the results;
  • Thinking critically;
  • Managing time and people effectively;
  • Motivational programs usage;
  • Creative and analytical thinking;
  • Leading negotiations;
  • Communication skills, ability to gain credibility of colleagues, partners, and sponsors.

You might as well add in the list multi-tasking, ability to adjust to the different conditions, delegating duties, and revising the tasks.

Communication skills

If your desirable job position is connected with interpersonal relationships, communication skills are necessary to be outlined in the CV. Particularly, here we talk about ability to set your time, communicate and sell successfully, ability to listen, give recommendations, and find individual approach to the clients. As well, don’t forget to mention an ability to learn quickly and perceive large volumes of information, serve people well, show tolerance and tactfulness, as well as demonstrate friendly nature, attention and sincere interest in another person.

If you are still in doubt what to write imagine you have become the head of your dream company. What would you be looking forward to?

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