The Importance of Having an Excellent Elevator Pitch.


The Importance of Having an Excellent Elevator Pitch.

You have probably heard of the term ‘elevator pitch’ before and seen it as a sure way to get yourself through the door, but there’s more to it than that. An elevator pitch is a well-organized and memorized speech that is intended to convince and gain confidence from someone. Most elevator pitches take around 30 seconds to one minute. It should be brief but yet filled with relevant information that can get you a deal or job. In most cases, an elevator pitch is applied where you are trying to explain a business idea, sales pitch or even during a job interview like it is in this case.

Shows how organized you are

An elevator pitch is a short way of getting someone to believe in you, and this is not easy if you’re not organized. You need to put yourself together when creating a good elevator pitch. For this reason, it requires prior preparation so that you don’t end up rambling. When you prepare an elevator speech, you are always ready for that question when it arises, as it mostly does.

Creates confidence

A good elevator speech can generate some level of confidence in you from the interviewing panel. Since it is an organized statement, the interviewer might see you as a person who is stable and sure and who knows, it might just land you the job.

Removes the boredom

Interviews are often dull since it is a bunch of questions throughout. To alleviate this boredom, you can use a perfect elevator speech. Human concentration is limited as someone can only be attentive for a while. Creating a robust elevator speech eliminates the norm of questions and gives the interviewer something interesting to look out for.

Shows how knowledgeable you are

A perfect elevator pitch should have a statement of the problem within the industry concerned topped up with solutions to those problems. This means that you need to go the extra mile and make a research on the current market in an attempt to see what the issues are and the possible solutions for those problems.

An elevator pitch is futuristic

This means that it is focused on the future and this is what most interviewers are looking for. You need to show the panel what you can do for the company soon and the achievements that you plan to bag for them.

These are the reasons why an elevator pitch is vital for any job interviewee. Come up with the best to stand out from the crowd.

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