The Most Impressive Hobbies to Mention on Your CV

Any CV couldn’t be full without hobbies mentioned at the end of the list. However, not all the activities you are keen on doing will help you to get the desirable job. Some of them may scare your future boss. In this article we will talk what to choose and what to reject.

Let’s talk about priorities!

Personal hobbies allow you to understand how you meet the open vacancy and company culture. Unbeaten for all positions will be such options as swimming, training in the gym, fitness, jogging, football, volleyball, tennis, cycling; playing musical instruments, fascination with classical music; gardening; care for pets; dancing; fishing; car improvements; needlework: embroidery, origami, knitting, patchwork; modeling clothes, creating designer dolls; the creation of metal or wooden models and other equipment; working with wood, designing toys, furniture, household goods; chess; reading historical novels, philosophical books, classical literature, including modern; study of professional literature (do not forget to specify any authors); interest in computer, software and technical innovations.

Try to observe the measure in the enumeration of your interests so that their volume does not drag the key focus when reading your resume. When choosing examples of interests and hobbies for your CV, keep in mind that the passion for sports allows you to show that you can work in a team. But hobbies that require concentration, talk about the ability to analyze.

Prohibited options

Not in all cases, a hobby helps with employment. For example, you may face a refusal, indicating that you: like to engage in wrestling, martial arts, boxing, participate in races; fond of computer games; playing cards for money; travel around the world; prefer extreme sports; You are a representative of subcultures (goth, punk, rocker, metal music fan; make tattoos, decorate your body with metal; indulge in non-traditional religions, wear appropriate clothes and like to propagandize. The above interests often influence the appearance of the applicant and his behavior.

Fans of extreme sports risk losing their jobs due to the fact that their passion is connected with injury. Travelers are afraid of their employers because they devote more time to their trips than to fulfilling their duties.

Claiming the position of a person who should spend most of his time sitting at a computer or working with papers, one can pay attention to such an example of a hobby for girls, indicating composure and perseverance: cross-stitch, ribbons, satin stitch; patchwork; modeling and sewing clothes; knitting toys; origami decoupage; registration of frames for photos, notebooks, folders.

Regardless of gender, the presence of a creative spirit will be evidenced by the interests of: a passion for photography; the creation of decorative ornaments; restoration of old things; playing musical instruments; writing poems and stories; interest in painting, drawing pictures; embossed on the skin.

Such hobbies will be appreciated in positions that require a flight of fancy. They are suitable for applicants for the post of journalist, photographer, and graphic designer.

The ability to work in a team, to be a leader, to work with people is indicated by preferences: interest in team sports: football, basketball, handball, hockey; hobby psychology, including reading special literature (with an indication of any books); participation in charitable or public organizations. As a rule, these people are easier than others to find a common language, both with colleagues and with clients.


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