The Perfect Applicant: The Awesome Ways to Look Best of All

The labor market is constantly changing. Together with him, the requirements for future employees are changing. To stand out from the entire flow of applicants, you need to understand who the employer considers the ideal candidate.

Let’s see what kind of experience, knowledge, education and skills are needed in the modern realities of the labor market, depending on the level of posts.

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This is the most massive category, it can be attributed to employees of call-centers, sales assistants, drivers, workers engaged in manual labor, etc. Even before the crisis of 2008, this category of workers did not impose special requirements. In most cases, it was enough to have suitable personal qualities and a desire to work. Today, this is not enough. You need to have a similar experience, to be motivated to work in a particular company. The candidate must think independently and be able to make decisions, and not just follow instructions, be proactive. The employer wants to see in the candidate an understanding of why he is going to this organization, how much, what he wants to achieve. A sense of responsibility will be appreciated at all times.


So called office workers, managers, middle managers. Requirements for this category of professionals significantly tightened. Now you need a specialized education, not just work experience, but having a successful work experience in this field, achievements are important. Employers are no longer willing to invest in young professionals, and take up their training.

If you are applying for a position of a middle manager, then the experience of managing people will be simply necessary, as well as strategic and tactical planning skills.

Increasingly, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is required.

Top management

Top managers, heads of enterprises, departments and branches. A good leader is able to achieve goals, understand people and ensure profits. Significant achievements and successes are what the employer needs. The owner must be sure that under your leadership the business will not just go, but develop successfully.

Appearance is important for any level of employees. Pay attention to recommendations from previous jobs or studies. Be prepared to provide the names of former managers, partners, curators of study groups who can give feedback on your work. The ability to present themselves in a favorable light also influences the decision of the employer.
Ideal people do not exist, but employers are increasingly setting a rigid framework, so candidates must strive to be the best. The labor market is a complex mechanism, but there are always opportunities. Start your job search by evaluating yourself, determine what needs to be done, what may not be enough, where to start. It is difficult, but you need to strive, and opportunities will be more.

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