The Worst 5 Phrases Which Lead to Bad Job Interviews

Job interview bears a strong resemblance to the exam: one can spoil the impression of one unsuccessful phrase. It would seem that your dream work is quite near, but one wrong answer leads to such hopeless “We will call you back.’ HR-manager has selected your CV from dozen others and invited you to a meeting. Now it is your turn to act. At the interview each word affects the success – both in good and in the bad side. In order to avoid a fatal mistake, remember some stop phrases that are better not to be used during a conversation with HR-manager.

“I did not have time to learn what your company is doing!”

This is a fiasco. First, it is irresponsible as suddenly you can come to an interview in a firm-one-day or one that runs an illegal or dangerous business. Secondly, the interviewer will immediately understand one thing: you were tempted only by the promised amount with a few zeros or that you are in despair and simply agree to all more or less suitable propositions. Yes, you can then talk as much as you want about your professional qualities. However, HR-manager already sees you as irresponsible personality who did not even manage to read the announcement to the end.

“I do not have time for that”

The question of self-development and recent achievements often arise in interviews. A candidate who refuses to answer or begins to convince an excuses for inaction, looks ridiculous and meaningless: “Trainings, seminars, courses? Well, I do not have time for that’.
The desire to show yourself loyal and hard-working is understandable, but the HR-manager will make conclusion because of such an answer that it is impossible and very hard for a new person to develop.

“I have never been involved in it, but I will try”

If you do not have enough experience, then it will be clear from the CV. It is not worth to emphasize once again. At the interview, you must have another task to show the HR-manager that you are the one who needs the company, even in spite of some disadvantages or inexperience.

“Please give me a chance”

Do not seek charity and compassion. Recruiters are primarily interested in your professional and human qualities, not acting talents. Shaking hands and eyes full of tears, intermittent emotional voice are excellent for the theater, but not for a serious company.

 “I’m ready for everything!”

Are you willing to live in the office, work without holidays and holidays, do it for yourself and for that guy … Many applicants naively believe that such dedication will pleasantly please the employer. In fact, this phrase gives rise to despair and internal doubts. Man is not confident in his strength, he does not know how to sell his services – that’s how he resorts to the last means.


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