Top 5 Ways To Build Self Confidence Before And During An Interview


Top 5 Ways To Build Self Confidence Before And During An Interview

Fear is something that can’t be eradicated but can be managed at a certain level. Fear is what makes us lose courage when we are exposed to public expression hence making us feels we are in danger. Situations like job interview are one of the things that make us think we are in danger because of the act of expressing ourselves in public; it makes us feel it is a threat to our own lives. However, there are ways of helping us induce courage before and during the interview. Here are the top 5 ways to influence courage before and during an interview;

1. Avoid being fearful

Sometimes fear can be helpful in some scenarios because it will make us cautious and try to more practice to become courageous, but it isn’t beneficial in all situations. We, therefore, need to practice being courageous all the time. Fear can make us lose things we never deserved to lose and therefore facing an interview with courage boosts your ability to become successful.

2. Expand your courage gradually

Courage is not something that can be instilled once and for all, but we need to practice it bit by bit. If you have fear in doing interviews, every time practice of interview questions and rehearsals will help you perfect your courage of facing the interviewer. This means you get out of your comfort zone.

3. Exercise the breathing technique

Situations that we are not used to in our lives always make us tense or panic and the result is changed in our breathing condition. You can find yourself in such a situation during an interview and to get out such a case is by taking a deep breath, hold it for a while and then release and then slow it down.

4. Know who you need to be than what you want to do

In the case of an interview, you do not need to dwell so much on what you want to do but who you need to be. You already have what you want to do in the interview but who you need to be is where your focus should be. Think of qualities that can make you a courageous person.

5. Make a step of acting

Courage can be induced only when you practice what you have learned through researches. For example, you don’t become courageous when you read how to answer interview questions but only when you exercise it by speaking out.

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