Top 5 Ways to Create A Convincing Job Description


Top 5 Ways to Create A Convincing Job Description.

A job description is an informative document prepared by an employing party with the intent to hire or employ.  A good job description should include a summary of the company profile, job requirements, duties and responsibilities to qualify interested candidates. It is, therefore, an essential bridging tool between the employee and the employer in the future.  Here is a five-step by step ways of creating a convincing job description.

Comprehensible job titles that also captures attention.

A job title is a cardinal element in the job description as it’s always the first thing to catch a candidate’s attention since it’s the first step of the candidate’s self-evaluation. It, therefore, should be clear so that candidates can relate properly with the job title which should be wholesome, leaving nothing on speculations.

Clear and accurate duties and responsibilities.

This is a specific aspect when describing duties and responsibilities which affects the understanding of the candidates and makes the hiring process easy. It, however, should be phrased in a manner that is so direct to the candidates in a short and precise way (e.g., Filing returns every month).

Relevant skills and competencies.

The employer’s job description should be sensitive to potential candidates and should be related to the job tasks duties and job responsibilities. This enables potential candidates to evaluate their skills and competencies as they compare it to the job described.

Clear working frame, relationship, and reporting lines.

It gives a candidate prior knowledge of the organizational structure which forms a primary chain of command. It comprises of both the hierarchy and the departments involved in the entire working environment. A potential candidate is, therefore, able to understand the organizational structures and make sensible decisions in his or her favor.

Company marketing

Here it is an opportunity to let candidates understand or instead get to know more about your company and building relationships with the candidates. It ranges from the cultures of the company to the reason why you encourage them to apply and even share to other candidates.

Job descriptions should therefore not be taken for granted as it is both a performance and a marketing tool for the company. It is also an attribute to a company’s growth as it qualifies competent candidates for the positions which directly influence a company’s growth. Your job description might be the opening you are looking for.

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