Top 5 Ways To Reduce Stress During An Interview


Top 5 Ways To Reduce Stress During An Interview

Tension during an interview at times gets you when you least expected it. In some instances, it is hard to control, and you may end up losing the job due to that. Some interviewers are a bit lenient and would give you time to get composed but, on the other side, there are also equally strict interviewers who won’t entertain your tension. Anxiety is the leading cause of tension during an interview, and if you deal with this, then you might be good to go.

Be keen on what you eat before the interview

This point cannot be overemphasized because it is so true. There are foods that you eat before an interview that will cause you to be unsettled. Even some drinks are not supposed to be taken in before a job interview. Caffeine and alcohol, for instance, shouldn’t be taken before or during an interview. Also, heavy meals might end up causing stomach discomfort and growling which may make you anxious. If you can, do not eat anything at all but if you must, only eat light meals

Don’t force yourself into calming down

As much as most people would see this as a solution, it instead makes the situation even worse for you. A good way would be to breathe in and out for the body to relax regularly.

Avoid criticizing yourself

Unfortunately, being a critique of yourself leads you to a tense spot during an interview. Don’t worry about how you are performing during an interview and leave that to the interviewing panel to decide. Do not be your judge of how you are presenting. This will only make you panic and lose control thus leading to tension.

Drink water

Sometimes fresh and cold water can solve your problem. Water is a nourishing agent and gives the body a cooling effect, something you might need to ease your tension. If you have not carried your bottle of water, you can ask around to be assisted with glass, and they’d be kind to help you out.

Do not overthink

Overthinking comes as a result of low self-esteem and sometimes lack of confidence. This causes one to panic and can lead to serious tension during an interview. The best way to go about this is to avoid overthinking. Instead, focus on mental images of the good things that have taken place in the near past.

All these tips if used correctly can help you out when you feel tense because of a job interview. Use them to reduce tension and anxiety.

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