Ways To Handle Brainteaser and Curveball Question During a Job Interview


Ways To Handle Brainteaser and Curveball Question During a Job Interview.

An interview is a critical part of the processes of a job search as networking or qualifications may get you to the door, but the interview lets you in. During the interview, the interviewer may pose some brainteasers as an aptitude test to gauge your knowledge. As an interviewee, you are expected to attempt to respond accordingly to the brainteasers. They may handle themselves as follows;

Bring paper and pencil

You should bring a paper and pen with you into the interview and when a brainteaser is posed, use the paper and pencil to try and solve the problem.


The questions asked may be difficult; hence you need to relax before attempting. This is because some interviewers may become flustered therefore find it challenging to try the questions thus failing the process. Some of the teasers may be unnecessary, but they may be asked to test your reaction and how you handle yourself.

Listen carefully

It is essential that you listen carefully as the interviewer is asking the brainteaser. This helps you to capture the problem asked with more detail, hence being able to understand the question. This makes it for you to interpret and answer accordingly.

Any answer is better

It is vital to attempt any of the teasers posed even if you do not know the answer.

Buy some time

When you do not know the answer, you buy time as you collect yourself and think buy asking an intelligent or rather a relevant question before you can attempt.

Ask for clarification

When you’re not sure of what you have been asked it is advisable to seek clarification on the question from the panel.

Calculate out loud

Many are times when the interviewer is interested in the steps followed to obtain an answer instead of the solution itself. As you calculate your response on the piece of paper, you should speak out loud on the steps your taking. Details of the steps matter to the panel.

Explain your answer

Articulate your answer with detail as the panel is highly interested in your thought process

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions concerning the problem asked. This enables you to exchange with the board.

What you can do when you feel you lack an answer

Ask to return later with a definitive answer that

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