What Are the Do’s & Don’ts of Writing a CV?

What Are the Do’s & Don’ts of Writing a CV?

Here Are Four Really Simple Ways to Attract Attention to Your CV

A properly prepared and written CV will definitely be the first step on the way to career ladder and help you find a great job of your choice. However, simply recounting all previous jobs and indicating that you received a degree is not the only thing you can do, it’s really important to add some spice and flavour to your CV and make it appealing.

To find a job, you need to think like an employer. There way of thinking is about whether the applicant’s experiences correspond to the requirements of the job role. It is also important if the key phrases in the CV coincide with the description of the position.


Focus on Your Key Achievements.

When listing your previous posts and companies that you have worked for, do not rewrite the workbook. It’s much better pay attention to what you have achieved at every place of work. Be sure to mention for which projects you have worked, underline that they have been successfully implemented, note which of your suggestions helped improve the work process.

Try to Outperform the Other Candidates.

Make sure that you include in your CV all your additional knowledge and skills that could distinguish you among other candidates. You may be incredibly quick to touch type blindly, finished specialized courses, have a professional training or workshop, have a foreign language or advanced training certificate – feel free to fit it into your career biography.


Get Rid of The Cliché Terms.

Talking about personality traits, 90% of the applicants write “communicative”, “responsible”, “disciplined”, “hardworking”, etc. Try describing something useful for quality work a bit differently. Even if you really save performance in any stressful situation and find a common language with the hardest people, tell it without template clichés. Bring out the two-three facts about how you managed to achieve good results.

In the CV, one phrase is enough to show that you have led an active and interesting life outside which makes a positive impact on the career. For example, tell that you are an active team player engaged in amateur football for 4 years; mention that you have been taking part in a volunteer project; every six months taking part and passing courses, training sessions or webinars in a given specialty; and fond of business literature.


A Quick Tip When Sending the CV By Email.

If you send your CV by e-mail, write in the subject of the letter the name of the desired job position and a couple of words to attract attention, for example: “An experienced Accountant of 10 years, would like to join your growing team”. Attach the file of your CV to name it so that it could contain your last name and the name of the vacancy you are applying for.

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