What to Do If You Fail at a Job Interview

How to cope with it and remain optimistic

You are confident, the CV is amazing the experience is quite good. But after the conversation with the recruiter, you understand that the case is failing. How to use failure so that the situation could not repeat in the future, we will tell in this article.

Take a look at different scenarios

Be prepared for a variety of situations. Certainly before the interview you draw in your head a plan, how it will pass. As you come, you will sit with a recruiter in a small cozy office, start answering general questions, then move on to professional topics and so on. So, do not think in advance in such details! Get ready for anything, but not for a calm, pre-thoughtful conversation.
Imagine if at the interview there will be not only one, but three HR-managers, and also the owner of the company. Get ready to demonstrate your knowledge.

Nevertheless, prepare the answers
Abruptness is sudden, but the answers to the most awaited questions should be ready in advance. Imagine all possible options – what you can be asked, especially in the profession, and not about personal qualities. Perhaps you need to study the theory in a specialty or think over the answer to a question than you did in the previous place. Even if you are in your business, do not rely on improvisation if you know that you can get excited or that you can easily be knocked out of the gangway. Actually, don’t loose control.

After the failure

It’s best to write down all your shortcomings immediately after a hot start. What the recruiter asked, how did you answer, what was the mistake. Analyze the entire dialogue from greetings to farewell. What did you dislike about your behavior and answers? Then find all the answers to the questions that failed, and also cover similar topics. Remember your behavior, the tone of voice, manners – are you satisfied? If not, then work on the mistakes and stop in the future if you notice that you are coming to the old rake.

Do not be sad, remain optimistic

After all, at one interview the career does not end. Even if you are not taken into one company, the second and third, do not lose your self-control. Analyze the mistakes, draw conclusions, and everything will work out. Even a negative result is a result.

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