What To Do When You Have Severe Interview Nerves

Severe interview nerves can be caused because of fear facing people you have not and speaking to an audience that you are not used to, and it makes the interview very difficult for you. This inability to express yourself makes one have a sever interview anxiety and can be managed by some of the following tips;

1. Treat yourself right

Avoid using drinks that cause severe changes to your body like alcohol and have enough sleep, exercising yourself regularly by walking, running or engaging yourself in active activities that can take away anxiety

2. Think of success

When you take your time alone and think of positivity like being successful in the interview even before doing it prepares your mind psychologically, and it plays a decisive role. Proper preparation and positive thinking can help manage severe anxiety.

3. Avoid stressful activities

Avoid getting lost by researching the interview area and even pay a visit before the interview day to familiarise yourself with the area. Arrive early so that you can have enough time to adapt to the area and relax your mind. Dress appropriately to avoid victimisation and being the centre of attraction.

4. Prepare yourself well

The first step to relieving severe interview anxiety is to prepare well for the interview by researching relevant questions and prepare answers to them. Know the potential employer and research for other items that require preparedness. Having relevant documents available before an interview is also ways of preparing yourself well, they include a CV, cover letter, relevant certificates, a pen and writing pad, and others. Arrange the desired dressing attire early by ironing it.

5. Don’t rush

Always take your quiet time to answer questions the interviewer asks. When you rush to answer, you might end up panicking and giving irrelevant answers which are one way of encouraging severe interview anxiety. Practice pausing before answering; this helps in gathering perfect information to pass across.

6. Engage other people

Avoid being self-centred by walking around and greeting other people with a smile. This is a simple way to divert your mind away from the main agenda hence reliving yourself from severe interview anxiety.

Paying attention to what the interviewer is telling allows understanding what he wants from you, and you answer appropriately without panicking or fidgeting. Having confidence during an interview is essential in taking away interview anxiety.

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