Why People Don’t Get Job Interviews?

Your CV is interesting for employers, you are invited to a meeting, but every time something goes wrong. Several rejections are the reason to wonder why interviewing employers’ thoughts about you are changed. Frequently they just keep silence or answer in a blurred manner: “You do not fit us.” There are many reasons behind this phrase.

CV does not correspond to what you have said on the interview

Writing CV must be approached responsibly and show all the talents you’ve got. However, showing yourself from the best side and lying is not the same thing. Even the innocent exaggeration of the knowledge of foreign languages ​​is easily disclosed, and the impression may be spoiled. Make sure your CV makes a good impression. If you have honestly described your experience, be ready to confirm your achievements, tell which indicators your work has led to. Speak boldly about your success.

You have often changed the job

It could worry any employers. After all, if you could not or did not want to linger on other works, how can you be sure that this time everything will be different. If you have such moments in the CV, be prepared to explain them. You need to have logical reasons for frequent job changes. Focus on your strengths, because it is much more important what the company acquired after the work of a specialist than the amount of time that he worked there.

Your qualification is not enough or too much

If you want to get a prestigious and high-paying job without experience and skills, and have not been able to convince HR-manager that you have it, you should not be surprised that you have not taken. Excessive qualifications can also be a problem in finding a job. This is due to the probability of professional burnout, loss of interest in work due to the lack of opportunities for self-fulfillment.

You asked too much

Money is a very urgent matter. Excessive inquiries with a low level of professionalism will inevitably lead to a failure. But a possible and reverse situation is possible: if a good specialist is happy with a low salary, the employer may be alert. Similarly, when you do not know how much you want to get. The question arises in one way or another to be sure of answering it, refer to the salary statistics and give reasons why you deserve this job position and money.


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