Why Should Employers Hire You and Only You?

From the point of view of any candidate, it is he who should receive the cherished job, and not other applicants. All employers are wondering why they should hire you. Be prepared to answer it.

“Why should we take exactly you?” – this question can be heard, if not at each, then at many interviews. And this is one of the most difficult questions at the interviews. He is annoyed by some, baffled by others. How to behave and how to respond to it?

First of all, keep calm. You must be mentally prepared for this issue, and accept it as an essential attribute of the interview. Alas, there is no universal answer to this question, because all candidates and positions are unique in their own way and companies are also different. It is important for the employer to know that he will select the best candidate from all possible. And your task is to convince the employer that it is you.

Prove that your professional skills and experience will solve future problems. To do this, you should as far as possible navigate the company’s business, find out what recent projects it has implemented, its purpose and means. Be sure to find out as much as you can about the company before the interview. Usually this question is asked closer to the end of the interview, so you will have the opportunity to clarify some things with the interviewer, if you could not find enough information about the company, which will help to answer.

What does the employer want to hear?

Different recruiters, company or department managers may respond differently to your answer. But all of them are guided by two main motives: for the sake of check and in order to be convinced of your intentions and qualifications. In the first case, the interviewer is enough to hear that your skills match the requirements, your salary satisfies you and you are ready to fulfill your duties. In the second case, the employer wants you to emphasize your competitive advantages, prove that you know the specifics of the work, know exactly how to apply your skills and know what exactly you can do for the company.

The employer expects a small self-presentation from you, in which you briefly tell about yourself, about your achievements, prove your understanding of the company’s goals and ways to achieve them. It is also a good way to test a candidate’s self-esteem.

What if you do not know the answer to this question?

If you really want to get this job, but you understand that you do not meet the requirements, the main thing is not to panic and do not give up. Your candidature has already interested the employer once he invited you for an interview. First of all, tell us about your merits, avoid proposals with a “not” particle, show your interest and desire to work. Many employers know that the one who wants does more than the one who can.



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