Why Should We Hire You? 5 Best Ways to Answer This Question

Why should we hire you? This question is heard almost at every interview. Sometimes, applicants are lost from excitement or lack of training, and instead of clear and understandable answers, they give out something they did not expect from themselves. We have collected the best ideas how to answer this question showing applicant as the perfect match.

  1. Because I will add value to you and the businessTell on the interview what benefits you will bring to the company. Don’t forget to mention how your experience, knowledge and skills will help maintain current processes or bring them to a new level. It is important to show that you will receive an employer by taking you to your company.
  2. Because I have great potentialIf your experience and skills are not enough to claim your indispensability, focus on future opportunities. Important: do not talk about what the company will give you, how it will help you develop and show the class. Talk about the readiness to go into processes, learn and quickly navigate the work tasks.
  3. Because I have a plan and strategy

    Use this statement only in case you really have a detailed and thoughtful plan of further action in the career. Why is it important? Actually, by speaking like that, you demonstrate to have been prepared for the interview. It indicated that you have studied the advantages and disadvantages of the company and known exactly what improvements can be made. That is, you already have a ready offer. For example, on how to optimize production or increase sales, etc.
  4. Because I am passionate about my work

    If you are professional in what you are doing and ideally fit your job requirements, show your passion for work. Tell that you love your profession, express your readiness to start the tasks right now and infect your inspiration with the recruiter.
  5. Because I will be committed and loyal to your companyIf you really like what the company is doing, its values ​​and mission, reviews about it, its products or strategy, tell it directly during the conversation with a potential employer. By doing that, you show once again that your values correspond with the principles important for the company of your dream. Needless to say, every serious company pays attention not only to theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and work experience, but also to the presence of special values that are equal to ones that matter in their business.

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