Why You Cannot Be Silent at a Job Interview

Uncomfortable questions, strange remarks, incomprehensible tests – all this is very likely to be on an interview. Many applicants prefer to avoid sharp corners and not respond to some recruiter questions. However, by keeping silence, they make a huge mistake. At least, they show not to b prepared for the so-called stress interview. Which unexpected yet unpleasant things you might face during the job interview, we will tell you in this article.

Silence is ignorance:

If you’re silent, then you do not know what to say. You lack the competence and knowledge. If so, silence is not necessary at all. Of course, you do not need to invent anything. But you can get out of the situation. For example, ask for a pause. Analyze the question. Think about how you can respond to it. Yes, there, in your pocket the phone is a source of knowledge. Ask for help from a friend. Quickly catch the question and find the answer. Try it! This will show that even if you do not know something, it does not stop you at all. At the very least, you are able to quickly find the information you need, rather than go back in doubt.

Silence is fear:

If you are silent, you do not control the situation. Moreover, it shows how frightened, shy and reserved you are. If so, the advice is the same – breath in and out, and keep calm.

Better yet – say directly that you’re a little worried. Take a sip of water, smile, not nervous one but friendly. This will help you relax a little and compose a witty answer while you drink water. If it hasn’t worked out, start to answer from afar, in the process of inventing how to get out. Just do not silence.

Silence is contempt?

This is very bad. If you simply do not like the questions that you ask, you consider them stupid and inappropriate, keep your face. Do not look contemptuously on the recruiter, do not roll your eyes, do not sigh as if you are uncomfortable in the office. Don’t you like the direction of conversation? Try changing it. Do you think it’s better to get up and leave? Thank you recruiter and tacitly finish the conversation. Keep in mind – nobody forced you to come to an interview and waste your time. Therefore do not silence in conversation with the recruiter. Try to be the most open and friendly interlocutor, so you will definitely leave a pleasant impression about yourself!

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