Win-win Strategies and Advice to Follow Before and During the Interview

Each interview is unique, as well as the employer who conducts it. However, there are some universal tips that will help you in talking with HR manager.

Before the interview:

You will need to spend about two to three hours trying to find as much information as possible about the company. Not all of it will be important, but will help you feel more confident.

Do the following:

• Conduct research on companies and industries.
• Clear your profile on social networks from ambiguous information.
• Formulate your career plans and goals.
• Think about your past professional experience and how it will help a new company.
• Identify the salary you agree with. Take care of the weighty arguments if you want a bit more than your average position.
• Prepare answers to the most popular questions of recruiters, rather than expect your imagination, wit and impromptu. In a critical stressful moment something will definitely lead.
• Get some business suggestions. Let it be insignificant but interesting.

Make a list of useful topics:

You should also prepare a list of the topics that you would like to discuss with the HR manager in advance. Example:
• What is the company’s mission, its goals and values?
• What is the culture of the company?
• What are the selection criteria by which you hire people to work?
• What do you expect from this person?
• What responsibilities will I have if I come up for this job position?

How to behave during an interview:

• Smile. Only not through force, let the smile be sincere.
• Speak clearly and confidently. Very often from a stress or a scumbag, we cling a voice, after which we can only give a squeak. Drink water and shake your voice in the approach to the office
• Stay calm. No matter how I would like to relieve stress by clicking a handle, you do not need to do this. If you can not control yourself, put your hands on the table. However, do not take too much relaxed pose.
• Keep a constant eye contact with interviewing people.
• Before answering, listen to the issue to the end. If something is not understood – do not go into spatial explanations, it’s better to ask. And to be tactful, use the combination “Did I understand you correctly?”.
• Answering a question, talk only about the most important things.

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